Powered by Display & Video 360's full stack, Vattenfall drives highly relevant digital marketing across the entire customer journey

March 2017

Operating across Europe, Vattenfall is Sweden’s largest power company. It offers a range of products and services to the end customer, including e-mobility solutions, solar solutions, electricity contracts and a range of smart home solutions for consumers in a new decentralised energy landscape. With an aim of becoming climate neutral, the brand wanted to use highly innovative techniques to promote its products and services, and turned to its digital agency iProspect for help.


Reach users seamlessly on any device and platform

Deliver relevant messaging across touchpoints

Cut time to market

Reduce media wastage


Capitalised on integrations between Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Google Analytics 360, Campaign Manager and Studio*

Launched fully integrated data-driven campaigns encompassing YouTube, search, programmatic display and remarketing

Covered entire consumer journey from awareness to transaction

Produced dynamic creatives

Used automated bid management


50% more visibility

275% more visits to the conversion pages of website

300% more orders

50% lower average cost per acquisition

The need for a single source of truth

Previously, Vattenfall had used multiple media buying solutions through various digital media houses alongside analytics provided by other third-party platforms. This complicated setup made it hard to understand actual results across different regions and to see what actions to take forward.

“There was a need to consolidate all of our digital media”, explains Vattenfall Digital Campaign Manager Mats Hökdahl. “We wanted to get faster time to market and reduce waste by buying optimal digital media placements in a controlled way. We also wanted to pursue the possibility of working with dynamic creative and automated bid management.”

Recognising that target consumers were accessing Vattenfall through a range of digital devices, the team was keen to deliver relevant messaging across every touchpoint in the customer journey. In order to achieve all of these aims at scale, it was vital to unify data centrally to drive informed programmatic marketing activities and enable highly relevant messages on any device, platform, channel and position in the sales funnel.

Display & Video 360 connects the dots

With the full Display & Video 360 stack, Vattenfall could do just that. The team capitalised on integrations between Display & Video 360, Search Ads 3602, Google Analytics 360, Campaign Manager and Studio to initiate campaigns that encompassed YouTube, search, programmatic display and remarketing.

“Before we installed the solution in the Nordics, we worked hard on setting up a solid ground foundation based on key performance indicators and customer lifetime value, a search strategy, optimisation of onsite landing pages and tools, and a digital ecosystem with third-party partner sites,” Mats reveals.

Powered by DoubleClick's full stack, Vattenfall drives highly relevant digital marketing across the entire customer journey IMG1

With the new setup, Vattenfall buys and manages digital media placements through Display & Video 360 and monitors all of these placements as well as onsite customer behaviour through Google Analytics 360. By using Studio and dynamic display, the team can constantly change the creatives and the choice of media channels, and by using automated bid management they’re able to make more efficient use of budget.

Deeper insights, more effective marketing

Having all activities connected into a single stack gives Vattenfall a joined-up view of data that is both broader and deeper than before, which enables better reporting, analysis and visualisation of customer behaviour throughout the digital landscape.

“We can continuously monitor and optimise the efficiency of digital channels and touchpoints in a new way”, Mats says. “The full stack helps us all to develop not only external communication such as placements, media spend, target groups and performance, but also landing page optimisation, new customer journeys, A/B-testing, SEO initiatives and onsite content development. This supports us as a company to work in an agile way with customer journey teams and the right tools that can support data driven decision making in real time and for strategic decisions.”

The results meanwhile speak for themselves. “We’ve been able to launch fully integrated data driven campaigns, covering the whole consumer journey, from awareness to transaction”, affirms Magnus Hedin, Head of Strategy & Insights at iProspect. Since moving to Display & Video 360 in 2016, the new approach has enabled 50% more ad impressions to be shown, 275% more visits to the conversion pages of website 300% more orders and 50% lower average cost per acquisition.

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