Inside Google Marketing: What we learned from the Pixel 3 launch

Kelly McKesten, Chloe Finch / December 2018

Data is a marketer’s best friend, especially when you’re gearing up to launch a new product. Insights from past campaigns can provide a solid foundation for ideas and decision-making, but as the marketing team for the Pixel 3 learned, it’s just as important to lean into creative instincts.

“Dreaming has become lost a little bit in our industry, because of the amount of data we have,” says Jabari Hearn, global integrated marketing director at Google. “Every day I try to inspire my team to dream, and that’s an important piece if you want to take consumers someplace new.”

To prepare for the Pixel 3 launch, Hearn worked with Google teams around the world to gather insights and find new creative opportunities. One such insight — that it takes about three weeks for people to get used to a new routine — sparked a campaign to convert new Pixel 3 users. Watch Hearn explain why it’s up to marketers to keep dreaming on behalf of the consumer, and how a diverse team can help you get there.

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