cuts CPA by 48% with Data-Driven Attribution and Smart Bidding is one of the top online retailers of gadgets and accessories in Ukraine, with categories ranging from electronics to sporting equipment. The company’s goal has always been to maintain digital marketing efficiency while driving online sales. Together with their digital marketing agency Netpeak, set out to decrease the cost of conversion by optimising search campaigns while getting more transactions on their website without increasing budgets.

Retailer of gadgets and accessories
Founded in 2000
44 offline stores and one online store
Based in Ukraine
Rundown Goals
Reduce cost per acquisition
Maintain conversion levels
Rundown Approach
Adopted data-driven attribution in AdWords
Implemented Smart Bidding
Used AdWords Drafts and Experiments to conduct testing
Rundown Results
For test campaigns, overall cost decreased by 45%
Cost per click decreased by 23%
Conversion volume grew by 5%
Conversion cost decreased by 48%
Conversion rate increased by 32% and Netpeak decided to adopt data-driven attribution for more effective analysis of their AdWords’ advertising. By taking this important step, it became possible to assign proper conversion credit to all touchpoints in the search advertising channel. The team could now distribute and prioritise signals while manually optimising their campaigns.

To take their efforts further however, and Netpeak opted to experiment with automatic bidding strategies based on the new attribution model. To achieve cost per acquisition goals, they chose to trial the Smart Bidding strategy Target CPA (tCPA). Using Drafts and Experiments functionality in Google AdWords allowed them to test the statistical significance of the impact.

The experiment compared tCPA versus manual bidding, and also measured different ad rotation settings – optimise for clicks versus optimise for conversions. With an eye on the main KPIs, the team monitored the campaign weekly. The results were more than positive: not only did the conversion cost decrease, but volumes actually grew. The test campaign showed an overall decrease in cost of 45%, while cost per click decreased by 23% and conversion cost decreased by 48%. At the same time, the conversion volume actually grew by 5% and the conversion rate increased by 32%. As a result, all of the settings from the experiment campaign have been applied to more campaigns in the account.

"Online advertising setup is a delicate matter. It is great to see Netpeak experts are on the verge of all innovations in this space and are effectively implementing the most relevant of them. The results of the experiment completely satisfied our needs and now our online advertising is even more effective. Irina Sinitskaya, Head of Online Marketing Department,"
"High quality day-to-day optimisation is the key to success of the effective online advertising campaigns, and experiments allowed us to reach new horizons and even better results. Anna Serhiieva, PPC Specialist, Netpeak."
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