Livestreams to help you get Search-ready for holiday season

As summer comes to an end it can only mean one thing: the festive season is on the horizon. Shops have started stocking up on wintery snacks, sparkly decorations, and gifts galore. The holiday season gives marketers a host of opportunities to connect with customers.

When putting their shopping hats on, many of your customers (both new and existing) will turn to online Search for help. So how can you ensure you reach them when they do?

What your customers are searching for

It all starts with knowing what your audience is searching for. Christmas related queries are still going up each year, starting from as early as 20 weeks before the holiday. The country most excited about Santa’s arrival appears to be Sweden, with a 20% growth in Christmas-related searches last year (compared to 7-10% in other countries).1

Shoppers in the Nordics and Benelux regions are growing increasingly fond of Black Friday, too. In 2018 alone, the Netherlands counted 4 million queries in the lead up to the shopping holiday, with Sweden and Belgium coming in a close second at 2 million searches each. In each country, over half of the searches were made on mobile devices. From a retail perspective, the category growing most rapidly is consumer electronics.2

Register for the Google Ads Expert Academy

To tap into the millions of holiday-related searches, there are all sorts of handy tricks available to help you boost your seasonal search campaigns — and as Santa knows too well, the secret to making it work is to start early. From Friday 20th September, Google Ads Expert Academy will be hosting a livestream series during which they’ll dive deep into Google products and offer actionable insights you can bring to your festive campaigns.

An omnichannel strategy can bring the gift of offline sales this holiday season