Mobile Masterclass

Learn how to use the full value of Mobile beyond single device conversions, as well as how to engage consumers in 'Moments' using the full creative canvas, all while ensuring the right measurement is in place.

Who is it for?

Advertisers that may have take some first steps in building a mobile site but are still struggling to put full investment behind it because they find it hard to prove ROI.

They should intuitively feel that there is more to Mobile than in device conversions and should feel some urge to put mobile higher on the agenda.

What will I get out of it?

You will learn to make informed choices about building mobile assets and using signals to find people on important moments. You will learn how to use creative opportunities, but also how to establish a best in class cross screen measurement strategy.

How does it work?

Folks will work together for two days on a wide range of topics and challenges. We’ll first explore challenges and limitations of mobile as well as best practices in designing for mobile. Then we’ll dive into all unique capabilities mobile has that other devices don’t have and finale we’ll assess implications for measurement, people, skills, structure, KPI’s and technology.

How long is the course?

2 full days

Where is it running?

London and Hamburg

When does it run?

We have regular courses running each quarter.

How to apply

Simply contact your Google Sales Representative and they will get the ball rolling for you!

"Really engaging sessions, really compelling ideas and good encouragement to collaborate with other teams. I enjoyed interacting with the specialist as well as other client teams"

- James Cordery - PPC Group Lead - Forward3D

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