It's a basket of fun in Finland for judging by the top five ads from the first quarter of the year: David Beckham pops up with his fashion picks for H&M, there's snack ideas from Vaasan and LEGO makes an arresting appearance on 'Prisoner Island'. With Samsung mobile's Dunbar Edge Experiment and Tupla's Virtual Gym Games, there's an element of the experimental too.

Dunbar Edge Experiment

Brand Samsung Suomi Media Agency Dagmar

Virtual Gym Games by Tupla

Brand Tupla Creative Agency Kuubi Media Agency ToinenPHD

H&M Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham Spring 2016

Brand H&M

LEGO® CITY - The Escape from Prison Island

Brand LEGO

8 hauskaa jälkiruokatuunausta, joita on pakko kokeilla

Brand Vaasan Media Agency Omnicom

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