It will probably come as no surprise that the Swedish leaderboard has a strong football theme, as the excitement for Euro 2016 was well underway in the run up to June. Intersport led the way, appearing twice on the boards thanks to their themed YouTube channel Fotbollstuben, featuring sponsored vlogger content. Meanwhile, footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović is the face and voice of Volvo's V90 campaign, and he also appears in ICA's football themed ad. Telenor resisted all things soccer-related and instead unveiled their 'Workfulness' hidden-camera prank experiment, with interesting results.

IJustWantToBeCool - Sparka på bollen (EM-LÅT 2016)

Brand Intersport

Volvo V90 - Made by Sweden - ”Prologue” feat. Zlatan Ibrahimović

Brand Telenor

Experiment Workfulness

Brand Telenor

ICA reklamfilm 2016 v.23 - Soffexperterna

Brand ICA

Välkommen till Fotbollstuben!

Brand Intersport

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