This special edition of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the top bumper ads from Sweden in the past year. As unskippable videos with a maximum length of six seconds, they are perfect for delivering brief, memorable messages to reach customers and create awareness. Successful bumper ads usually focus on a clear, simple point – where visuals and sound are key to be engaging.

Brand Flygresor Creative Agency Fabian Mannheimer; Hobbyfilm Media Agency Inhouse

Brand mer Creative Agency Holy Media Agency Carat

Brand Skånemejerier Creative Agency Smartfilm Media Agency Zenith

Brand MediaMarkt Creative Agency Åkestam Holst Media Agency OMD

Brand Telenor Creative Agency Acne Media Agency Starcom

Brand Max Burgers Creative Agency Acne Media Agency Starcom

Brand Samsung Creative Agency BLCK Media Agency Starcom

Brand BMW Creative Agency INGO Media Agency Vizeum

Brand KPA Pension Creative Agency Bloomy Ideas Media Agency Scream

Brand Telia Creative Agency Forsman Bodenfors Media Agency Carat

How was the YouTube Bumper Ads Leaderboard list created?

The YouTube Bumper Ads Leaderboard showcases some of the top :06 Bumper ads that people loved this year. Ads were initially ranked by an algorithm that factors in total views and engagements and then ranked by a user creative ratings survey run by Ipsos. The survey considers four parameters: Likeability, memorability, emotion and brand linkage.

How to create video magic in seconds

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