Chapter 3: Commerce and Conversions

July 2016

As the use of mobile commerce grows, users will increasingly expect smooth in-app experiences when finding, reviewing, learning about and purchasing products. Here’s how to create a seamless user experience to drive conversions.

9. Provide previous search and purchase information.


Save the user time and effort by making previous searches and recent purchases readily available. This is particularly important in frequently used apps where users conduct repeat searches or purchases.

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10. Allow user reviews to be viewed and filtered.

User reviews are an important component of purchase decision-making. A large number of reviews gives prospective buyers more confidence. Aggregate rating distributions and allow users to sort and filter so they can get the "real story" about an item. Let them browse the most recent, the most positive and the most negative reviews to discover any common themes. Verified reviews from users who have purchased the item are also appreciated.

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11. Enable comparison shopping features.

When users shop, they want an easy way to compare items of interest. Without this capability, app users are forced to put items in their baskets to compare or remember which items to go back to later. On the web, users can get around this by opening additional tabs to compare products. In-app comparison features can eliminate the need for these workarounds to help drive consumers’ purchase decisions.

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12. Provide multiple third-party payment options.

Users expect to see third party payment systems as options. Apps that provide these payment options, such as PayPal, Apple Pay and AndroidPay, relieve users from the pain point of filling in additional forms during checkout and can provide an increased sense of security.

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13. Make it easy to add and manage payment methods.

Keep users happy by simplifying payment storage and reducing the number of steps involved. Create a simple credit card entry page with options such as number pad entry and credit card scanning. Make sure that you include the ability to add multiple cards and a function to toggle between them.

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