Chapter 4: Frictionless Shopping

June 2016

When consumers turn to a device to buy something, they expect the experience to be frictionless. Make the shopping process on mobile a smooth experience.

21. Build consumer-friendly forms.

Forms should be compatible with how users enter information. Design screens that can interpret multiple input formats rather than make the user adapt to the app’s limitations. Also, ensure that form fields are not obstructed from view by interface elements such as the keyboard. As the user completes form fields, automatically advance each field up the screen. It’s a good idea to also include efficiencies like auto-populate, auto-capitalisation and credit card scanning.

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22. Make password authentication a frictionless experience.

Users become annoyed when they have to go through an arduous, multi-step task to set up or reset a password. Reduce the risk of abandonment by simplifying the authentication experience. Minimise the number of steps required or use different authentication methods such as third party login or fingerprint touch login.

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23. Ask for permissions in-context.

Users can get stuck in a task when they deny permissions integral to the app’s proper functioning. To mitigate this, apps should ask for permissions in context and communicate the value that access will provide. Users are more likely to grant permission if asked during a relevant task.

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24. Make customer service information easy to locate.

Users tend to look at the bottom of the site or app first when looking for help, and they may abandon the shopping experience if they have a question and see no obvious way to contact customer service. Providing call information and email are good options, as is providing customer chat. Enabling multiple methods of receiving help allows users to choose the best option for them.

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25. Highlight added values throughout the shopping experience.

Retailers that offer added value, such as free delivery or deals, need to reiterate these at every possible point in the shopping experience. Take particular care to ensure that this information resurfaces on each product page.

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