Fishbrain reels in new users at 33% lower cost per install than target

December 2018

Fishbrain is an app that provides anglers with the tools and insights to fully enjoy their fishing. Its interactive map makes it easy to find new fishing spots and see what other anglers are catching, with Fish Species Recognition, fishing forecasts, and bait recommendations helping to take users’ experiences to the next level. Fishbrain’s main goals are to acquire new users and bring in revenue from subscriptions.

About Fishbrain

App for anglers

Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden


Increase app installs

Generate low cost per install


Activated Universal App campaigns

Adhered to creative asset best practice

Tested Smart Bidding strategy tCPA

Tested and optimised bids and budgets to reduce cost per install


Achieved cost per install 33% below target

Increased subscriptions coming from Universal App campaigns by 52% year over year

The Fishbrain team continuously monitors the app’s seven day retention as well as tracking the cost per install to ensure they’re reaching their targets. Still in its growth phase, Fishbrain needed to scale in a cost efficient manner.

The team scaled existing Universal App campaigns activities by following best practices to drive installs on both iOS and Android, adhering to best practices in terms of their creative assets to promote the app across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

To drive down the cost per install, Fishbrain optimised bids and budgets. For Android, they also tested the Smart Bidding strategy tCPA (target cost per acquisition), which uses advanced machine learning to automatically optimise bids for each and every auction.

It didn’t take long for the new tactics to pay off. Fishbrain was able to achieve a cost per install that was 33% below the annual target. What’s more, subscriptions coming from Universal App campaigns increased by 52% year over year.

“With our aggressive growth goals, we were initially having trouble scaling at a cost efficient level. With the support from Google and creative optimisation best practices, we were able to bring the cost per acquisition down and scale volumes without negatively impacting our day seven retention.”

– Hana Aljoofri, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Fishbrain

With the work so far focused on growth, the team is now directing their attention to engagement – and they’re turning to Universal App campaigns to do so. By optimising towards an in-app event (trial subscriptions), they’re focusing on driving revenue gains in the coming year.

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