Mobile Heroes: Geir Jangås, vice president of digital analytics, Telia Norway

Mobile Heroes: Geir Jangås, vice president of digital analytics, Telia Norway

September 2020

What makes a mobile strategy successful?

One of today’s major marketing challenges is prioritisation. With consumer behaviour changing daily and technology developing rapidly, establishing a focus point can feel more like going with your gut than developing a strategy. For Telia, a Norwegian mobile phone operator, this was all the more reason to adopt a customer-centric approach to mobile. In this video, Geir Jangås, head of digital and analytics, shares the key learnings of their journey.

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My first ever mobile phone, that's a very long time ago, but I think it was a Nokia 6210.


My name is Geir Jangås, I’m the vice president of digital analytics at Telia Norway.


In other companies, we talked about mobile first and mobile strategy as something specific.


What I experienced when I came to Telia was that we don't talk about it.


It's just an integrated part of the business plan.


I think I'm most proud of the way we are working as one team now.


We are much more aligned across teams, having the same view on the goals and the ambitions that we are trying to achieve.


Acknowledging that you're in a change, right?


You really, really spend a lot of time on driving this change.


I think that's a key thing to succeed with a digital transformation.


Try to digitalise the customer journey, using data to map out the different interactions with their customers,


and create the digital DNA for the customer.


When we are talking about digital transformation, it's easy to think about it as something technical.


But it's more about the people and the culture in the company.


Because it's much more in the mindset of how you perceive customer interactions using data


and digital touch points for the customers than the technology in itself.

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