Mobile Heroes: Jean-Philippe Blerot, head of digital and ecommerce, Carrefour Belgium

Mobile Heroes: Jean-Philippe Blerot, head of digital and ecommerce, Carrefour Belgium

October 2020

How to create a customer-centric mobile experience

Mobile strategies are often built on speed, but as brands concentrate on the technological solutions that will help them shave off milliseconds, it’s key not to forget those who requested the speedy experience in the first place: the customer. In this video, Jean-Philippe Blerot, head of digital and e-commerce at Carrefour Belgium, explains why mobile speed and happy customers go hand in hand.

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Winning on mobile is the battle we need to win.


Then it will be the customer who will decide if he wants to come back.


My name is Jean-Philippe Blerot and I'm in charge of the e-commerce and digital project for Carrefour Belgium.


It's clear. It's simple. The customers request it.


Our customers are on mobile and, indeed, more than 60% of our customers come to our website through a mobile device.


The loading time of your website is really a key of success.


For example, when you arrive with your cart to a checkout, when you have to calculate the amount of your basket for 100 products, it took 20 seconds.


Now it's two seconds.


Wait for the one to one with your manager.


Go to have a one to one with your customers and follow your customer, follow his requests.


Propose to him a one-to-one approach and a one-to-one personalisation everywhere in your media.


One year ago, to create an account online, we had to fill 23 fields.


The customer requested 'please, keep it simple,' and we did it.


Now, with three fields, you can create your account and directly open the door of the store.


It's a double-digit growth in our sector and that's really fantastic for our industry.


Our website is three times faster than one year ago, a real improvement that we done last year.

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