Mobile user experience improvements drive higher engagement for Expedia

September 2017

Alongside the consumer shift to more screens, Expedia observed that their share of mobile traffic was increasing, but mobile still wasn’t converting as well as desktop. The Expedia team worked with Google to conduct an industry benchmarking review followed by a full user experience and site speed audit to pinpoint, test and implement key improvements.

About Expedia

Founded 1996

Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington

Rundown Goals

Improve user experience on mobile

Rundown Approach

Collaborated with Google to identify user experience opportunities across the customer journey

Tested user experience recommendations

Rolled out winning approaches to US and UK landing pages

Rundown Results

Increased share of repeat mobile visitors to US and UK landing pages by 10% year over year

Decreased mobile bounce rate by 3% year over year

Of the 30 user experience recommendations generated by the audit, Expedia decided to put 25 on the roadmap for testing. Several of the individual tests resulted in significant engagement wins. For example, simply making images zoomable produced a 72% uplift in the engagement rate.

By scaling the winning approaches to both the US and UK landing pages, Expedia reaped further positive results, For instance, the mobile landing page click-through rate increased 0.8% year over year, indicating deeper engagement through the funnel. At the same time, the mobile bounce rate went down 3.4% year over year, a clear signal that Expedia’s mobile user experience had improved.

Meanwhile, the share of repeat visitors from the mobile platform is up by 10% on average year over year. “This suggests that the changes to the mobile landing pages are increasing stickiness, so users are probably finding valuable content on our landing pages”, explains Roxana Turcitu, Expedia Senior Product Manager. “From our previous analysis, we see that repeat visitors generally convert better than new visitors, so as a next step we’ll focus on progressing users on landing pages further into the funnel.”

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