The potential of Progressive Web Apps: New eBook available to download

November 2018

In a new eBook, 'Progressive Web Apps: The Future of the Mobile Web', our mobile product experts explore the potential of Progressive Web Apps to bring native app features and user experience to the mobile web.

Over the past decade, mobile devices have completely reshaped the digital landscape. They now consume more than twice as much of our attention as traditional computers, and in many regions are the only means people have of getting online.

In the first instance, the shift to smaller form factors and new input methods led to the development of native apps. These downloadable applications resolved many of the issues with navigating the web on a hand-held device, and introduced features such as notifications, offline access and persistent settings and preferences. However, they’ve also created a burden for developers who need to support versions for different operating systems, and for users who can incur significant data costs in downloading and updating apps.

More recently, advances in web technologies have led to the creation of Progressive Web Apps (PWA): mobile websites, accessed through a standard browser, that offer an experience much closer to that of a native application. Able to function even with flaky or interrupted connections and providing familiar features such as push notifications and add to homescreen, PWAs offer the engagement of an app with the reach and searchability of the web.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the next phase of your mobile development, or just want to know more about how PWAs work and what they can do, we’ve produced an eBook packed with insights from our mobile product experts. Download your copy below.

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