Weenect drives mobile conversions and revenue by tackling site speed

September 2017

Weenect offers GPS tracking safety solutions for children, pets and the elderly. Based in France, the startup wanted to develop brand awareness and increase overall online sales. Alongside notable growth in mobile’s share of traffic, Weenect decided to rethink their mobile strategy and refine the mobile user experience to improve performance results.

About Weenect

GPS family tracking solutions

Launched in 2013

Based in Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine, France

17 employees

The Goals

Develop brand awareness

Increase overall online sales

The Aproach

Enhanced mobile site experience

Reduced mobile site speed

The Results

Mobile conversion share increased from 23% to 33%

Mobile revenue share grew from 21% to 32%

Cross-devices conversions from mobile now account for 10% of total conversions

With a significant proportion of users visiting the website from mobile devices, it made sense to increase Weenect’s AdWords investment in mobile. But to get the most out of this increased investment, the team knew they needed to optimise the mobile experience.

Weenect worked with Google to reduce the site’s mobile speed, implementing a host of improvements. These included replacing animations with static images and removing any popup windows that appeared on desktop screens to make the mobile experience easier. They also created a new menu dedicated to mobile users and designed a new mobile conversion funnel. With less information and reduced text, this simpler mobile-friendly approach effectively streamlined the user experience.

"The results were motivating because they helped us understand the power of mobile in driving sales. This is just the beginning of our journey."

- Adrien Harmel, CEO and Co-founder, Weenect

As a result, mobile performance improved significantly. The mobile conversion share increased from 23% to 33%, and mobile revenue share went from 21% to 32%. With cross-devices conversions from mobile now accounting for 10% of total conversions, Weenect has increased investment in AdWords by 50%.

“These results allow us to see the strength of a mobile-oriented strategy”, explains CEO and co-founder Adrien Harmel. “Desktop and mobile will be addressed differently from now on. The goal is to reach the same conversion rate on both platforms, or at least to try. Customers’ expectations are not the same between different screens, so our tools to drive sales on different screens shouldn’t be the same either.”

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