Zizzi launches a mobile-friendly responsive site and sees mobile sales grow by 475%

April 2017

As a retailer of women’s plus-size clothing, Zizzi has around 120 concept stores across the Nordics and Benelux. The brand’s ecommerce site, which launched in 2012, serves customers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.


Effectively serve customers on all screens


Launched responsive platform in 2015

Launched mobile-friendly site

Implemented AdWords cross-device conversions


AdWords desktop conversion rate increased by 34% in 2016 over 2015, and mobile increased by 48% in 2016 over 2015

Since launching a mobile-friendly site, return on ad spend for branded queries is up by 348%, e-commerce conversion rate is up by 176% and per-session value of mobile traffic is up by 36% year over year

With consumers using more and more screens to conduct product research and complete purchases, Zizzi launched a responsive platform in 2015. “This resulted in overall lower bounce rate, more pages per session, increased average session duration and higher conversion rate”, reports Sandra Roi Jørgensen, E-commerce Coordinator at Zizzi. In the first quarter following the relaunch, the return on ad spend for branded queries went up by 348% and the ecommerce conversion rate grew by 176% year over year compared to the quarter before.

“The biggest improvement was on mobile traffic”, reveals Frederik Hyldig, Head of PPC at Zizzi’s digital agency, s360. “In the first quarter after launching the new website, the per-session value of mobile traffic went up by 36% over the previous year. It’s definitely easier for the customer to navigate and make purchases – as can be seen from the numbers.”

The challenge of multiple screens and touch points

According to Frederik, the increased use of multiple screens and touch points made the measurement of consumer journeys more challenging. “We implemented cross-device conversions in AdWords in order to better attribute sales to the correct device. The new insights enabled us to increase bids on mobile as we could now see how important this device was in the user’s path.”

s360 discovered that 5% of Zizzi’s total conversions were finished on a different device from where the purchase journey originated. “So after we implemented cross-device conversions, we could suddenly take all these extra conversions into consideration when adjusting our bids”, Frederik says. “In the months after the implementation, we were able to see how mobile had previously been underrated. This allowed us to increase our average mobile bids by approximately 10%.”

Taken together, all of these initiatives have driven big gains on the bottom line. Compared to the pre-responsive site’s 2014 performance, mobile sales are up by 475% and the conversion rates on mobile devices have improved more than threefold.

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