Informed by a data-driven strategy, iZettle’s display advertising successfully reaches users at all stages of the conversion path

February 2017

Small-business owners around the world use iZettle’s simple yet powerful services to improve the speed and ease of payments at checkout, business management, sales analytics, customer engagement and funding - all in order to start, run and grow their company.


Develop full-funnel strategy around display advertising


Found audiences similar to existing user base

Used insights to uncover new target groups and expand campaigns

Increased presence for best performing audiences, segments, creatives and placements

Included assisted conversions and view-through conversions in analysis

Used auto-bidding through Smart Bidding


Increased sales from display by nearly 100%

Attributed 12% of conversions to cross-device

Responsive ads delivered 278% more incremental clicks and 280% more incremental conversions than standard ads


The company’s media team runs campaigns both online and offline, using a mix that varies according to the objective. Until recently, iZettle’s display approach included only upper-funnel awareness activities and always-on remarketing campaigns. Believing the channel had further potential that was going untapped, the team decided to double down on their efforts.

"Before applying this strategy, display was one of the most expensive channels. Now it performs at a comparable profitability to other online channels."

Powering conversions through insights

iZettle is a data-driven B2B company, so the team set about finding the right signals to target the right audiences: small business owners. The approach was built around the idea that using insights from each stage of the funnel could offer direction about how to optimise other funnel steps. The first task was to understand as much as possible about users who had completed a conversion to become iZettle users – in other words, those who had reached the final lower steps of the funnel.

iZettle looked closely at this current user base in order to create similar audiences. Using insights about the similar audiences, the team then expanded further up the funnel with prospecting campaigns not only targeting users by their interests but also using in-market and custom affinity segments.

Informed 1

To evaluate the real results of their display advertising, iZettle understood they needed to look beyond the last click (which was only concerned with the lower part of the funnel) to also examine assisted conversions and view-through conversions. They then optimised both on click-based conversions, and on impression-based conversions. Meanwhile, cross-device conversions in AdWords combined with last-click conversions underpinned auto-bidding through Smart Bidding. Results showed that 12% of all conversions came from consumers using multiple devices, which helped in valuing display campaigns more accurately.

With smart optimisations, display comes into its own

While previously the team focused their display efforts mainly on acquisition, today iZettle has a full-funnel strategy in place for display that covers everything from creating brand awareness to acquiring users, driving activation, increasing volume and boosting usage of the product.

"Before applying this strategy, display was one of the most expensive channels. Now it performs at a comparable profitability to other online channels," explains Christos Stavropoulos, iZettle's Head of Paid Acquisition.

Sales from display have increased by nearly 100%, while cross-device optimisations have produced a 5% revenue uplift. Compared to standard campaigns, responsive ads are delivering 278% more incremental clicks and 280% more incremental conversions.

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