How SEAT reduced its CPA by 32% thanks to Google Marketing Platform’s 'lookalike' technology and an advanced targeting strategy

September 2017

SEAT, a Spanish multinational and part of the Volkswagen Group, wanted to improve the performance of its campaigns. In collaboration with Google Marketing Platform, it used lookalike technology to achieve 159% growth in conversion rates and reduce its cost per action by 32%.


Seek out synergies between Google platform audiences and improve campaign results

Find a new audience, while maintaining optimum performance results

Increase efficiency and conversion rates by identifying new audiences based on SEAT’s First Party Data


Use Google Marketing Platform to reinforce a strategy based on data. Follow the 'lookalike' / 'Similar Audiences' model

Advanced integration of data

Comparative performance between campaigns with similar audiences


32% reduction in cost per action

159% growth in conversion rate

78% increase in click rate

More than 70% visibility

The objective

SEAT was looking for synergies between Google platform audiences in order to improve its campaign results. The aim was to find new, albeit similar, audiences while maintaining optimum performance results. At the same time, they wanted to use the data to glean more specific information about the local market and increase the efficiency of conversion rates by taking full advantage of audience-based marketing.

The approach

SEAT decided to use Google Marketing Platform to reinforce a strategy based on data, and to reach a more targeted audience. In order to achieve this, they opted for 'lookalike' / Similar Audiences technology, allowing them to increase their audience in real time, for a specific target, adding new users with the same existing profile. The company harnessed advanced data integration by utilising the data obtained from Search Ads 360, Google Ads1 campaigns, Google Display Network campaigns and Campaign Manager. By following this model, the return on investment improved. 

The results

The performance of campaigns with similar audiences really stood out, as there was a 32% reduction in cost per action compared with traditional campaigns, and 159% growth in conversion rates. Likewise, the click rate increased by 78% and visibility surpassed 70%.

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