Groupe Renault engages users with personalised creative at scale

July 2018

While historically brands have created one set of creative to show to everyone, Groupe Renault realised that this one-creative-fits-all approach was not taking advantage of an important opportunity. By using programmatic methods, Groupe Renault aimed to deliver personalised creative to their audiences across all devices and platforms.


Improve campaign performance

Deliver personally relevant brand stories at scale

Roll out approach across Groupe Renault EMEA markets


Created four dynamic HTML5 templates across six display formats

Developed custom creatives with multiple layers of decisioning in DoubleClick

Used DoubleClick Digital Marketing suite to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time


49% lower cost per lead

100% higher click-through rate

66% better engagement rate

Groupe Renault partnered with OMD, Adylic and DoubleClick to deliver personally relevant brand stories within a display advertising environment at scale. The project spanned 15 European markets to promote Renault cars, commercial vans and Dacia ranges, with the goal of unlocking digital display performance improvements in a cost effective way.

The project involved Adylic’s custom development of a dynamic content management system that allows local Renault and Dacia markets to manage the creation of digital ad content and scale the production of creatives through a simple user-friendly interface. The setup includes four dynamic HTML5 templates representing key stages in the purchase funnel, so there’s a discovery template, configurator template, offers template and conversion template. Built across six display formats, each ad contains some static elements (animation and brand guidelines) as well as some dynamic elements (images, copy and call to action).

Adylic’s bespoke creative automation build directly integrates with the DoubleClick platform via the Asset Library. This paves the way for flexible creative optimisation and simultaneous deployment across markets, enabling personalisation at scale and providing greater measurement insight.

“Thanks to our bespoke CMS built with Adylic, we can create almost unlimited stories to match each specific audience we are targeting. The seamless integration with DoubleClick Studio means we can update content instantly.”

– Antoine Hery, Head of Digital & CRM Europe, Groupe Renault

“Adylic enabled Renault to reach their goal of marketing to individuals through the delivery of relevant advertising achieved through audience-first planning.”

– Alex Newman, “President”, Adylic

The creative rules for the templates are stored in DoubleClick Studio and pushed into DoubleClick Campaign Manager, the ad server that enables the right ad to be served. A rich combination of signals helps serve the most relevant ad at any given time, such as whether the user is an existing customer, on-site behaviour, geo data, context of the page where the ad will appear and what device it is being viewed on. DoubleClick and Adylic collaborated to create a playbook that individual markets could easily roll out.  

Italy was the first of many markets to go live, using the new approach for a campaign promoting the new Renault Captur, Europe’s leading B-SUV model. The team created 12 target audience segments covering both prospecting and remarketing. Compared to a campaign for the Crossover model that did not use the new approach, the Captur campaign delivered a 33% lower cost per lead. Groupe Renault is rolling out the same winning methods across all European markets. To date, this is producing an average cost per lead that’s 49% lower than before, a click-through rate that’s 100% higher and a 66% better engagement rate.

As for the future, the aim is for 100% of Renault and Dacia’s ads to be created using this dynamic creative optimisation framework. Groupe Renault and Adylic are currently using machine learning and beta testing new formats and approaches with DoubleClick. The team aims to continue innovating with audience and strategy as they identify the best creative to serve.