Komplett boosts revenue by bringing programmatic in-house and adopting DoubleClick’s full stack

December 2016

Having started as an online electronics retailer in 1996, Komplett has since expanded into product categories including pharmacy, groceries, insurance, banking, travel, baby goods, auto parts and more. Komplett’s business goals are to be the obvious choice across categories and to offer a complete buying ecosystem where consumers can get just about everything they need online.


Improve efficiency

Reduce resource requirements

Enhance messaging


Brought programmatic efforts in-house

Adopted full stack approach

Leveraged full capabilities of DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Rich Media, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager


7% increase in conversion rate year over year

On Komplett.no, 60% increase in traffic and more than 60% increase in revenue from display year over year

On Komplett.se, 70% increase in traffic and more than 100% increase in revenue from display year over year

As an online-only business, Komplett has always put a priority on adapting to changes in digital behaviour. When it became clear that many consumers were making the shift from desktop to mobile, the brand launched a responsive website to enable optimum user experience on any device. Today there’s a 50/50 split between desktop and mobile visits to Komplett’s site.

Komplett uses digital marketing to attract new customers, remarket to existing customers and encourage people to stick with the brand. “Our key challenge is to understand customer intentions, identify the best segments for each campaign and provide the right message at the right time,” explains Online Performance Manager Andreas Aagård.

Right message, right time

With that in mind, Komplett wanted to identify a solution to help the company access new customers as well as gain greater transparency into marketing impact than what’s possible through offline advertising or direct buying from online publishers. The team opted to implement DoubleClick’s full stack and adopt a programmatic approach.

The aims were threefold: to improve efficiency, reduce resource requirements and enhance messaging. To achieve these ends, Komplett leveraged the full capabilities of DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Rich Media and DoubleClick Bid Manager. The team took advantage of the huge reach and targeting that the platform offers, as well as Google’s unique demographic and affinity data, while at the same time using programmatic opportunities such as dynamic ads and automated bidding and targeting.

"The results exceeded both our expectations and our goals,” Dag Olav Knutsen, Komplett’s Commercial Marketing Manager affirms. “By using DoubleClick we could immediately see the results of our marketing efforts, and we could also start pinpointing messages to different segments.” The biggest effects, though, were the internal cost savings and better use of resources. “We have fewer people doing more. They manage all display from one country instead of three.”

Organisation as key to maximising results

Ultimately, organisation has been key to maximising results. By consolidating their marketing efforts Komplett have more flexibility and are setting themselves up for future success by being in a more flexible position where they can change campaign messaging, look and feel in an instant.

Andreas cites future longer-term results as well, including better targeting, a more optimal marketing mix and better campaign planning. Year over year, these measures have produced tangible effects. For example, the overall conversion rate increased by 7%. On Komplett.no traffic increased by 60% and revenue from display went up by more than 60%. Meanwhile at Komplett.se traffic went up by 70% and revenue from display has grew by 100%.

“Programmatic advertising is now considered an important factor in the success Komplett has had in the past 12 months,” Dag Olav affirms. “The company in general has seen the advantages of having the knowledge and resources to do this in-house, so it’s a strategic goal within the company to keep investing in resources and knowledge related to programmatic advertising.”

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