All about programmatic: Interview with Antti Kallio, Dagmar agency

October 2015

What is programmatic? What are its benefits and challenges? Antti Kallio, Director of Marketing Technology at Finnish agency Dagmar talks to Google's Mikko Viitanen to explain more about programmatic and how it can help your business.

Programmatic is the current buzzword of the marketing industry, but how is it helping to transform the digital buying process? According to Antti Kallio, it's the fundamental change for how we reach audiences. He explains: "Programmatic helps us make the digital buying process more efficient, and we can use data more fluently than in the past."

Antti defines the key benefits of programmatic as including (but not limited to):

  • Reach and frequency, which can be controlled much more efficiently
  • The ability to target small audiences
  • The ability to control where the frequency is, as it is now a case of buying an audience as opposed to buying certain media placements

Data is key to programmatic, as technology enables agencies to gather the data companies need to determine patterns and trends.This in turn allows companies to be much more efficient on their advertising.

"Programmatic helps make the digital buying process more efficient, and we can use data more fluently than in the past."

-Antti Kallio, Director of Marketing Technology, Dagmar

Antti adds that Google's DoubleClick has offered an added level of efficiency, as it presents a range of the latest tools which has enabled effective retargeting. He explains: "We can use data from different sources, for example from search, and we can retarget users easily; the creative side enables us to use dynamic advertising."

Yet what about the challenges? According to Antti, it's all about market awareness and staying on top of the curve. He states: "We need to educate the advertisers to better understand what key benefits programmatic can offer, and how programmatic can be utilised more."

Watch the interview in full, and learn more about programmatic:

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