Flashback: The top 3 articles of June 2019

Elham Rizi-Shorvon / July 2019

What’s been sparking the interest of our readers on Think with Google Nordics & Benelux? We dug into the data to uncover the top three most-read articles in June 2019.

1. How a data-driven approach helped Finnair increase bookings by 31%

Founded almost a century ago in 1923, Finnair may be one of the world’s oldest airlines, but it has kept afoot of the changing landscape by investing in digital across the entire organisation — with digital channels now accounting for approximately one quarter of the company’s sales.

As a result, it’s not just Finnair’s planes that are flying high — their online bookings are too, which soared by 31% thanks to data-driven marketing.

2. Jumbo’s recipe to test how digital marketing influences in-store behaviour

Take one Dutch supermarket chain, mix in some search, primary goods and geo- experiments, and sprinkle with attribution. The result? Some interesting online to offline insights, fresh out of the oven.

3. Why mobile speed means loyal customers — and how to make it happen

What happened last time you tried to buy something on your mobile? Did you glide through your purchase, or was it all a bit stressful? Research shows that 85% of consumers take a relevant action on their phone before making a purchase and in fact, many people would sooner give up a vacation, or even a day off per week, than lose their smartphone. 

Since Denmark is reputed to be one of the happiest places on earth, we decided to make it our testing ground for site speed — and customers’ patience.

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