Google AdWords drives traffic, phone calls and revenue for GarentaDAY

April 2017

Garenta is an auto leasing enterprise owned by Çelik Motor, one of Turkey’s oldest automotive companies. Putting digital at the centre of its processes, Garenta offers both short-term and long-term car rental services to customers through online channels with the aim of making their lives easier. Long-term car rental services operate through the GarentaPRO brand, while daily rentals are handled through 19 GarentaDAY branches.


Auto leasing enterprise

Owned by Çelik Motor


Increase mobile click-to-call phone calls

Increase in-store visits from online searchers

Increase online sales and revenue

Reduce cost per conversion


Optimised AdWords campaigns with clear campaign structure

Adopted mobile-first approach

Made mobile bid adjustments

Used mobile-optimised ad texts and extensions

Placed strong emphasis on remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to convert returning visitors


50% of website traffic and 40% of online transactions came from Google cost-per-click ads

Nearly 30% of AdWords revenue came from remarketing campaigns

4% click-through rate for mobile click-to-call extensions exceeded average

Location extension clicks emerged as a main in-store traffic driver

Due to high levels of mobile traffic, GarentaDAY prioritised mobile optimisations. This included making mobile bid adjustments and using mobile-specific ad texts and extensions. As GarentaDAY had no mobile-optimised website, the team knew it was important to encourage phone calls to produce leads from mobile users. They added call extensions to all search campaigns to drive phone leads wherever possible. They also combined location extensions with Google My Business information to redirect foot traffic into branches.

In order to capture the attention of consumers who had visited the GarentaDAY website without converting, a detailed remarketing strategy promoted special discounts to previous site visitors. GarentaDAY developed specific campaigns using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) based on locations and generic keywords.

"Online and offline ROI is the key metric for our business. Google AdWords is our main marketing channel which allows us to generate the quality traffic, footfall and revenue we need."

- Selvi Ece Şenol – Digital Marketing & E-commerce Executive, Garenta

With more than half of all digital traffic to GarentaDAY coming from cost-perclick advertising through Google, these strategies clearly paid off. Branch visits almost doubled thanks to location extensions, and mobile phone calls through call extensions produced a huge impact on generating leads over the phone. A 4% clickthrough rate for click-to-call extensions exceeded the previous campaigns.

"With the right AdWords strategy and ongoing optimisations, we were able to increase the online revenue by around 30%. Google AdWords emerged as the main traffic and revenue generator for GarentaDay."

- Seren Guzel, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, Kubix Digital

Meanwhile, remarketing emerged as an important revenue generator. Only the brand search campaign managed to produce more revenue, with 30% of the total coming from remarketing campaigns. Using RLSA to target the right audience with the right message and special offer generated a far higher online revenue than other search campaigns.

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