How reconnecting with their most loyal customers helped Norwegian telco Telia identify growth opportunities

Ida Haneborg, Leonard Kongshavn / July 2019

Discover how mobile frontrunner Telia were able to add a personal touch to their marketing, boosting upgrades and increasing revenue in the process.

Oslo-based Telia Norge is the second largest mobile phone operator in Norway. The brand offers mobile solutions for businesses and households, and prides itself on being a driving force in the ongoing migration from fixed to mobile services.

They are a leader in speed, innovation and connectivity. “We want to deliver the best network and customer experience across all our platforms,” explains Petter Remen Hanssen, Telia’s Digital Marketing Lead for Digital Channels, Sales and Performance.

“We’re on a mission to take Telia to the next level for both customers and digital partners. So we were looking to build a foundation for future growth, combining various data sources and analytics to improve personalisation in different channels.”

Increasing effectiveness through owned and paid channels

Long-term customer relationships are crucial in the mobile sector, so a key marketing challenge for Telia was finding ways to increase traffic from their customer base and convert it into valuable contract upgrades.

The company felt that they weren’t reaching all of their existing customers via their owned marketing channels, so they turned to Google Ads, together with their media agency Carat, to explore personalised ways of connecting.

“We hoped that this would increase the effectiveness of our media investment overall toward our own customer base, bringing relevant and useful information to these users – while also giving us more reach, structure, and leverage in a post-GDPR world,” says Hanssen.

A secure solution

After exploring their customer relationship management (CRM) data to find eligible customers, Telia wanted to reach these customers with highly personalised ads that reflected their mobile usage and existing contract status.

Using a secure one-way hashing algorithm, email addresses were uploaded into Google Ads through Customer Match, and they then produced one campaign variant for each of the five different product types (UNG and SMART subscriptions plans), and featured personalised search ads for each group. When the personalised search ads ran, they were compared against the original ads from the initial campaigns in a continuous A/B test.

Short term gains, long term growth

The initial outcomes have been very positive, with the Customer Match campaigns accounting for 69% of upgraded mobile plans at a conversion rate 22% higher than average with the original ads from the original campaigns.

As a result, cost per acquisition fell by 23% compared to the average, and both Telia Smart and Telia UNG have seen overall revenue increases of 15%.

For Telia, this project has been about more than just short term sales and subscriptions.

Remen Hanssen says that the results show that there are opportunities to scale the technology across Telia’s entire product range and catalogue.

"We’re excited about finding the best way to scale this structure, synergise, and use the possibilities in our market, and of course make the best customer journey possible," he continues. "The insights we’ve gained into our customer base will help us as we continue to explore and automate our use of audience signals.”

Inspired by these great results, the Telia team are keen to build on their success: ''We are working with Google to further our digital marketing transformation, and to make the Customer Match setup a permanent solution," reveals Jan Magnus Brusdal, Digital Sales and Performance Manager.

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