Swarovski helps consumers find the right sparkle in the right moments

August 2016

Swarovski saw an opportunity to connect with consumers in their everyday moments, when they were searching for the right accessory. Here's how the brand developed rich mobile content to help shoppers discover and explore.


  • 50% increase in online sales year over year
  • More than 150% increase in mobile sales year over year


"Being there" for Swarovski used to mean connecting with consumers in seasonal moments like Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. But with search insights, Swarovski recently discovered that customers want to engage in everyday moments when they're wondering what to wear on a date or how to accessorise an outfit for work.

"We realised that those everyday moments are an opportunity for our brand to step in and transform the consumer experience into something extraordinary," says Alessandro Vergano, Senior Vice President for Branding, Communication and Media at Swarovski. The company recognised it had a chance to provide both useful and inspirational content to shoppers who may not know exactly what product they want or where they want to buy it.


Since 50% of Swarovski's site traffic comes from mobile, the brand focused on developing mobile content that's visually rich and easy to navigate. The company's fun and interactive Style Finder offers ideas for how to accessorise an outfit for work or that special date night. It also allows the customer to dial-up or dial-down a look, depending on her mood.

To complement the Style Finder, Swarovski also features its products through more visual formats like Shopping ads on Google Images and on YouTube where people discover and explore new brands and products.

Swarovski helps consumers find the right sparkle in the right moments

By creating these visually rich mobile experiences, Swarovski has grown its online sales by 50% year over year, with mobile sales growing more than 150%.

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