Think with Innovators: Henrik Stenmann, Partner of IIH Nordic

September 2017

In ‘Think with Innovators’ we ask some of digital media’s most creative minds to share their knowledge and experience. In this installment, Henrik Stenmann, Partner of IIH Nordic, explains how a desire to save time and make life better started him on an online journey that continues to this day.

Henrik Stenmann began his digital journey in 1999, launching an online grocery business. “My inner purpose was that if you can do things online, you’ll save time,” he recalls, “and that means you can have a better life.”

Maximising time and utility remains at the heart of Henrik’s understanding of online behaviour. “People are not searching for fun,” he says, “they’re searching because they want something.” Understanding what users want is the most crucial element of successful search marketing, as Henrik goes on to explain. “If you understand why people are searching, and you have the right argument for your product, you can easily convert them.”

Having been involved in digital for almost two decades, Henrik has watched the industry develop, and has a clear vision for where it’s heading. “A new age has just started, where everything is about data,” he says. “Something that I’ve always liked is optimising things, so for me personally it’s never been more fun.”

When asked what lessons he’d draw from his experience for other businesses looking to innovate and stay ahead, Henrik has three key pieces of advice. “First, always have a lab budget where you can test and try crazy ideas. Secondly, don’t be afraid to fail, because when you fail you still learn something. And lastly, learn something new every day, because when you learn you’re more prepared for the future.”

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