Thomas Cook increases mobile conversions by 61% with device weighted Search Ads 360 bid strategies

September 2018

About Thomas Cook NL

One of the world’s leading leisure travel groups

With sales of £7.8 billion and 19 million customers each year.

The group is supported by around 22,000 colleagues and operates from 16 countries.


Increase mobile conversions, while meeting overall goals

Save time and increase capacity to focus on strategic tasks

Get insights in the true value of upper funnel campaigns


Create a customised Data Driven Attribution model

Automate bid management through one centralised bid strategy across all accounts and engines, using this DDA model

Apply custom revenue weighing per device type


61% increase in mobile conversions

23% more value assigned to upper funnel keywords

8 hours a week time saved

Thomas Cook’s Dutch division manages PPC activities in partnership with iProspect Netherlands. Three of their key objectives were reached by using Search Ads 360:

  • Understanding the true value of upper funnel keywords
  • Automate bidding across accounts and engines
  • Increase traffic and conversions through mobile while maintaining stable overall performance
“Using weighted revenue per device gives us the opportunity to steer on specific ROAS targets per device instead of one overall ROAS target.”

—Nick Polman, Senior PPC Consultant, iProspect NL

Thomas Cook now manages all non-branded PPC campaigns through one centralised bid strategy. A tailored and dynamic DDA model, created by the Search Ads 360 team, is being used within that bid strategy. This tailor made DDA model helps Thomas Cook better understand the true value of each keyword. On upper funnel keywords, a revenue lift of up to 23% was observed compared to last click.

“The tailor made DDA model gave my team more insights into the added value of upper funnel campaigns. This has helped in the transition to a more attribution-driven work process”

—Patrick van Duren, Online Marketing Manager, Thomas Cook


Despite the DDA model, it still was a challenge to achieve mobile conversion growth through their centralised bid strategy portfolio. To ensure mobile conversion and traffic volume while also maintaining the good overall performance of the bid strategy, the SA360 Benelux team came up with a custom solution.

“Search Ads 360 now manages the bids in all our non-branded campaigns based on our custom made DDA model. This means that we steer on the actual conversion drivers instead of only the last click converting keywords, and it is all automated”

—Nils Sickman, Senior PPC Specialist, Thomas Cook Netherlands


By increasing the revenue weight of mobile devices and letting the bid strategy bid on this modified revenue, a 61% lift in mobile conversions was observed. This while the overall bid strategy was still hitting the overall target in a stable way.

Next to performance outcomes, the PPC team also saved 8 hours a week on average by using bid strategies. This time is now being spent on further innovation and strategic tasks.

“Because we automated bidding across accounts and engines, we freed up about 8 hours a week for our team to invest in further innovation and strategic tasks for the client.”

—Mark Meijs, PPC Lead, iProspect NL

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