2019 YouTube Works Sweden: Raising the bar in marketing effectiveness

October 2019

Some things just need to be celebrated — whether it’s a 30th birthday, a long-lasting friendship, or, in this case, a brilliant ad.

YouTube Works honours the brands and agencies that went the extra mile in utilising video for strategic, innovative and effective campaigns.

From ‘Irresistibly Pointless’ TrueViews to rap videos about mortgages, this year’s winners married creativity and technology to set new benchmarks for advertising effectiveness, with a measurable impact on business results, brands, or wider culture. Sometimes all three.

And the winners are:

  • IKEA, Carat and Åkestam Holst
  • SBAB, Emakina and Pineberry
  • NJIE, Starcom, Universal Music
  • Nivea, Wavemaker and Splay One
  • Pricerunner and Precis Digital
  • Smålandsvillan and Keybroker

Grand Prix Award – Best at Leveraging YouTube Formats: IKEA, Carat and Åkestam Holst

IKEA med Irresistibly Pointless TrueViews

What the jury had to say: By playfully challenging formats, viewers’ attention spans, and online communication tools, truly dull moments are given a fun edge.

Best Use of Audience Insights: SBAB, Emakina and Pineberry

SBAB med Låda, Låda Låda

What the jury had to say: A brave music video using YouTube to achieve something truly admirable: making mortgages both engaging and entertaining.

Best Mobile-First Strategy: NJIE, Starcom, Universal Music

Njie med NJIE House

What the jury had to say: A clever, fun campaign tapping into mobile user behaviour and influencer marketing to power the brand with purpose and meaning.

Best Play on YouTube Culture: Nivea, Wavemaker and Splay One


What the jury had to say: In engaging their target audience with content they would watch anyway, the brand cleverly puts itself in the centre of attention.

Best Use of YouTube for Performance Marketing: Pricerunner and Precis Digital

Pricerunner med Jämför innan du handlar

What the jury had to say: Using future-oriented insights around how we search and buy, this ad effectively celebrates the ever-growing potential of technology.

The Small Brand, Small Budget, Big Results Award

Smålandsvillan med Hum om Hus

What the jury had to say: A real, personal campaign helping people with a real, personal mission: finding their dream home.

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