Fashion brand Ellos entices new customers with YouTube campaign

September 2015

Ellos, a Swedish fashion, beauty and home décor company, is an online leader in the Nordic region. With the aid of YouTube and an engaging new campaign 'Mitt liv, min historia' (My life, my story) which ran for four weeks in Sweden, Ellos has increased both spontaneous awareness and consideration to buy, whilst the website has seen a rise in traffic - all by bringing real stories to life.


Introduce Ellos' new concept 'Mitt liv, min historia'

Communicate the full length video with Loreen, told as a 3min long story

Reach the target audience of women


Created engaging video material tailored for YouTube

Used YouTube's advanced targeting and remarketing to target the right audience

Ran YouTube TrueView auction campaign for 4 weeks in Sweden

Increase top-of-mind awareness


358,000 views of the full 3min video in Sweden

4.5million impressions of the video ad

30k website clicks from YouTube

View-through rate of 19%

Having started life as a mail order company, Ellos launched its first website in 2001 and it has been the online leader in fashion, beauty and home decor in the Nordics ever since.

Yet Ellos has seen a shift in customer behaviour, as shoppers increasingly turn to digital and larger numbers of online retailers. Keen to change perception and re-position themselves as a fashionable lifestyle online retailer focussing on contemporary, accessible fashion, Ellos decided to use YouTube to showcase a new campaign.

Their vision? ‘Nordens mest omtyckta och respekterade varuhus för mode och heminredning bland kvinnor’ - essentially, to be Scandinavia’s most well-liked and respected department store for fashion and home furnishings among women.

Campaign theme: Mitt liv, min historia

Ellos formulated a new creative concept to bring their vision to life: a campaign entitled ‘Mitt liv, min historia’ (My life, my story). They made short films which featured strong Scandinavian women, and let the film unfold as they told their story, intertwining and showcasing their fashion and home style choices.

The latest campaign features local artist Loreen who won Eurovision in 2012 and who has a distinctive and inspiring personal style. Mathias Ekström, Marketing Director at Ellos explained: "We wanted the viewer to feel like they were getting to know the real Loreen. A longer video let us tell a fuller story and allowed us to have more engaging, interactive content.”

"It’s not often that a customer gets in touch just to tell us they loved a campaign, but that's just what happened with our Loreen advert."

– Mathias Ekström, MD of Ellos

With the concept in place, strategy came next. Despite successful competitor campaigns opting for a shorter clip of approximately half a minute, it quickly became apparent that Ellos’ story was best told in a longer format. This was a significant change for Ellos, who were used to TV ads spots of 30 seconds.

Ellos gains success with TrueView

Ellos chose TrueView to take them into the digital advertising sphere, a pre-roll format on YouTube which lets the user skip the video ad after five seconds. It seemed the perfect format to broaden their online audience and for viewers to have the option to watch the full three minute video.

The results were a fantastic coup for Ellos. The Loreen TrueView campaign accrued 358,000 views in Sweden of the full video in the four weeks that the campaign ran - strong and significant figures for what is essentially a skippable format.

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