Fellow Finance see 24% lift in brand awareness by combining YouTube and TV advertising

July 2016

Fellow Finance is an innovative peer-to-peer lending platform founded in 2013. As a new brand in an emerging space, the company wanted to raise awareness and drive consumers to the website to learn more. As part of the launch strategy, Fellow Finance created a campaign that included both YouTube and TV.


Raise awareness about launch among target audience of people over 25, with most valuable users aged 40 to 60

Drive consumers to website to learn more


Combined TV commercial with online video advertising

Used TV commercial to produce different versions for digital

Ran TrueView and bumper ads on YouTube

Used remarketing to drive frequency, ad recall and brand awareness

Analysed digital ad performance daily and optimised constantly


33% lift in ad recall

24% lift in brand awareness

135% increase in brand searches

50% increase in website traffic

50% growth in sales during campaign

The decision to combine TV and YouTube activity in one coordinated push aimed to play to the strengths of each platform and produce maximum impact. “On YouTube we expected to find the age 25-to-35 demographic more effectively than TV,” explains Jouni Hintikka, CEO of Fellow Finance.

Fellow Finance used the TV commercial to produce several digital variations of the TV spots, ranging from 10 to 50 seconds. These ran as both skippable TrueView and bumper ads. Video remarketing played a big role in the campaign, as the shorter clips were used to drive frequency up and maximize ad recall and brand awareness for viewers of the full-length videos.

The team tested the creatives’ performance constantly in order to optimise them. This activity underlined the importance of having clear and consistent branding throughout the videos. Fellow Finance tested the longer edits with and without clearly visible branding, and the difference in ad recall in the brand lift studies was significant – with no negative impact on view-through rates or cost per view.

Combining advertising across digital and TV delivered big dividends; a brand lift study showed a 33% lift in ad recall and a 24% lift in brand awareness. Brand searches surged by 135%, while both website traffic and overall sales rose by 50% over the course of the campaign. “We were very happy with these magnificent results,” Jouni concludes, “and will definitely continue to synchronise our advertising efforts with YouTube.”

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