Grandiosa combines YouTube and TV to roll out new line of pizzas

October 2016

Since the relaunch of the brand in 2003, Grandiosa has become a firm favorite with pizza lovers in the Nordic region. Owned by parent company Orkla Group, Grandiosa is the most popular pizza brand in Norway and has significant sales in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In a recent campaign, Grandiosa launched ‘Pizzatasku’ (pizza rolls) in Finland, for which they adopted a strategy including broad-spectrum television advertising and targeted video ads on YouTube.


Engage audiences with fun, impactful campaign

Get results from strong YouTube related content

Raise awareness of new product

Drive sales


Find new ways to harness previously successful YouTube content to engage audiences

Raise awareness of brand and product


18.7% lift in brand awareness

2111% lift in brand interest

111% lift in ad recall

YouTube enhances traditional TV campaigns


“We’ve always used TV, but we know that our audience is moving online quickly,” says Johan Finnberg, Product Group Manager at Orkla Foods, “so even though TV’s reach metrics are still good, we wanted to explore the better targeting possibilities of online video.”

For the campaign, which was focused on driving the target audience to a special site where they could design their own pizza rolls, Grandiosa utilised TV to create buzz and then a range of online creative variations to encourage engagement. “We used TV primarily for awareness, and YouTube to get people to make their own videos and interact with the site,” says Johan.

The campaign began with three weeks of television activity to introduce the new product, and then continued with two additional months of promotion on YouTube to consolidate the launch and drive engagement with the interactive site. “We used more online video than normal, with specific creatives rather than just rerunning our TV creative on YouTube,” explains Johan. “We knew that similar content was popular online and we wanted to target that audience, so we used TrueView to connect with them without being intrusive.”

Winning a slice of the market

During the span of the campaign, Grandiosa ran Brand Lift studies to assess the impact of their online activity. In total, they observed an 18.7% increase in brand awareness among the audience who saw their video creative, while a comparison between the group exposed to the campaign and a control group revealed an incredible 2110% lift in searches for brand keywords.

“The campaign had a big impact on revenue, over-achieving on its targets and making the product stand out in our portfolio,” says Johan, looking back on the outcome of the campaign. “Tapping into content that was already interesting to our target group and then engaging them with creative specially designed for digital was key for us. We’ve gained lots of new insights into how online video works, and we’ll be using YouTube more in the future.”

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