How Jotex used YouTube’s shoppable TrueView ads to increase revenue by 22%

June 2018

As a leading ecommerce company in home furnishing and decoration in the Nordics, Jotex wanted to promote the launch of their new spring collection. Working with their agency Precis Digital, Jotex opted to leverage the full power of performance advertising on YouTube by combining advanced targeting, TrueView for shopping formats and mobile-first creatives.


Drive leads to and conversions on the website

Grow brand consideration

Trigger organic search interest


Produced series of short creatives utilising TrueView for shopping format

Tailored ad delivery to reach in-market, affinity and similar audiences, and consumers during key life events

Remarketed to previous customers, website visitors and active viewers of previous ad campaigns


10% growth in new customer acquisition, resulting in 25% increase in website transactions and 22% increase in revenue

45% uplift in ad recall , 21% increase in brand consideration

50.5% growth on and 76.6% growth on YouTube on brand searches

To deliver a clear and relevant message (“Vårfeeling”), the team produced a series of short and memorable creatives to speak to the target audience of women ages 25 to 44. Utilising the shoppable TrueView format, the ads reinforced the Jotex brand through a consistent look and feel while giving users the opportunity to view and buy products easily in a mobile-first world.

The team tailored ad delivery towards the most valuable audiences. Careful targeting helped the brand reach consumers according to life events (such as a wedding or birth of a new baby), those in-market for home furnishings and decoration, people with an affinity for the category and prospects who were similar to current Jotex customers. Remarketing activity meanwhile helped the brand create an always-on dialog with engaged consumers, including previous customers, valuable website visitors and viewers of previous ad campaigns.

YouTube is a great branding and performance channel, and a complement to our other channels to help achieve our goals for branding, new customer recruitment and visitors to our site.


Emma Kvist, Online Marketing Manager, Jotex

Revenue gains and brand uplift

The campaign not only produced exceptional success metrics, but also provided a host of valuable insights to inform future video advertising activity. In terms of performance, new customer acquisition grew by 10%, resulting in a 25% increase in website transactions and 22% increase in revenue.1

For the target audience of women ages 25 to 44, Jotex achieved best-in-class uplifts in ad recall (45%) and brand consideration (21%). And for consumers searching for key products (“jotex vår”, “jotex mattor”, “jotex gardiner”), the campaign produced a 54% lift in brand interest.2 The ads themselves achieved above average view duration, with 94% of ads being seen.3

While all life events groups performed well in terms of view rates, there were two groups of consumers that outperformed the campaign average: people who had recently graduated (33% view rate) and those who were getting married soon (29% view rate).4 Both groups were the most efficient from a cost per view standpoint as well.

Interestingly, people outside of the core audience (those 45 to 55 years old) performed best in class in terms of ad recall (138.7%), meaning the creative worked really well to disrupt the ad space. The Jotex spring YouTube campaign also influenced search activity, contributing to a lift in searches on both (50.5%) and YouTube (76.6%), as consumers actively looked for the brand and branded terms.5

Proof in performance

With the campaign producing significant branding and performance wins, Jotex has laid a firm foundation for continued success on YouTube. “Consumer behaviour is constantly changing and we need to keep analysing where to put our efforts to maximise our marketing strategies”, says Emma Kvist, Jotex Online Marketing Manager. “This is a never-ending story, and we need to keep challenging our model to become smarter. YouTube is a great branding and performance channel, and a complement to our other channels to help achieve our goals for branding, new customer recruitment and visitors to our site.”

For Precis Digital, YouTube has become an important feature of the agency’s toolkit. “We at Precis started our journey with performance-driven channels such as search advertising, characterised by clear intent, where data-driven decisions are crucial”, explains Precis Digital Team Lead Stefan Tveit. “Whether the objective is sales, brand perception or both, we believe all marketing should be measured by its performance.

“At our core we focus on impact and transparency”, he continues. “In recent years – as measurement started to improve – we have expanded to more and more channels such as YouTube, most commonly used for branding purposes. With our performance-driven approach, we have broken new ground of what we thought was achievable using YouTube. Our leap into YouTube for performance has been a great success factor for Jotex.”


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