How Valio achieved over 12,000 hours of brand exposure

September 2015

Valio PROfeel is a range of protein-rich dairy products aimed at people with active lifestyles. Two years after its launch, competition within the product category was increasing, so Valio set about developing brand loyalty and awareness and impemented a strategy based on sequential storytelling and intelligent targeting


Develop brand loyalty and awareness

Reach people with active lifestyles


Published unique video content on YouTube Channel

Marketed through TrueView pre-rolls, in-display ads and Google Network

Tested and refined creatives according to view-through rate

Used retargeting to facilitate sequential storytelling


Improved view-through rate from 11% to as high as 39%

Time spent with brand exceeded 12,000 hours

Achieved over 1million views among more than 100,000 target consumers

Cost per view dropped from 0.12€ to as low as 0.05€

Drove consideration among target audience

YouTube brings the message to life

Valio opted to use traditional media to stay relevant among weight watchers, its largest target group. But for its other major target group – people with active lifestyles – the brand developed an innovative approach. “This target group consumes most of its media digitally,” explains Valio Community Manager Pekka Rantamoijanen. “They need motivation more than anything else. We decided to make a strategic move and shift our digital marketing focus from traditional advertising to motivating people to move. The core idea of the campaign was to convey the message: ‘ProFeel helps you overcome your limits… every day.’”

To engage with this group online, Valio introduced two virtual personal trainers, World Champion poledancer Oona Kivelä and Olympic swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen. Five days of filming resulted in over 100 unique pieces of video content in which the athletes provided advice on training, motivation and nutrition.

"Campaigns like this allow us to develop the YouTube channel offering in the long term. Valio strives to offer relevant content for audiences, and YouTube offers a great way to distribute video content."

– Pekka Rantamoijanen, Community Manager, Valio

The videos were published on Valio’s YouTube channel according to a predetermined schedule. By not releasing all the films at once, Valio believed it could keep consumers engaged with always-on content over a longer period of time. Consumers could also send questions to the athletes, and these were answered in videos that were published on the channel.

“YouTube was chosen because of the possibilities it offers in storytelling – sequential remarketing was an essential part of this,” Pekka observes. The videos were supported by a campaign that included a combination of TrueView pre-rolls, in-display ads and banners on the Google Display Network.

“The real trick was to add an interactive layer to the training and make our personal trainers feel truly personal,” he says. “Thanks to YouTube’s retargeting tools, we were able to create an unique multi-tier advertising funnel that would guide our ‘clients’ step-by-step to the most relevant set of content and really make our personal trainers come alive.”

While interest categories and broader targeting were used to attract critical masses in the first phases, savvy remarketing subsequently came into play. For example, if a user decided to watch a video from Oona on active lifestyles, targeting via the Google Display Network meant the next ad he or she would see would feature Oona talking more about healthy living.

Consumers form a real connection

Two versions of the lead creatives for each athlete were tested based on the view-through rate, and the better performing ones were used. Valio then observed the view-through rates rising on each level of sequential remarketing. The initial creatives used in prerolls delivered a view-through rate of 11%, but rose to as high as 39%. Industry averages meanwhile sit between 9.5% and 15.9%.

According to YouTube Analytics, time spent with the brand exceeded 12,000 hours. The activity achieved over 1 million views among more than 100,000 consumers in the target group. Ongoing optimisation meant that cost per view dropped from an initial figure of 0.12€ to as low as 0.05€ towards the end of the campaign.

What’s more, a UserReports study demonstrated that the Valio ProFeel campaign was especially successful in driving the ProFeel brand up in the consideration set of the target audience, which aligns with the core campaign goal of increasing loyalty. “Valio strives to offer relevant content for audiences, and YouTube offers a great way to distribute video content,” Pekka says. “Campaigns like this allow us to develop the YouTube channel offering in the long term and deliver relevance to the right audiences.”

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