One minute with… Adeline Hoogveld, Precision Advertising Manager, L’Oréal

Elham Rizi-Shorvon / April 2019

Adeline Hoogveld has a passion for learning new things, and she believes that brands with an eye on the future must embrace digital transformation. Connecting with new consumers is all about data-driven communication, and at L’Oréal, investment in knowledge is a priority.

L'Oréal's Adeline Hoogveld explains how dynamic videos helped appeal to a younger target audience.

“The next generation of consumers is growing up with technology,” Adeline Hoogveld points out. “Whether it’s online, mobile, AR or in-store, they will expect technology to make their lives easier. They’ll expect personalisation.” To facilitate this, she says, the future has to be data-driven.

“If we don’t transform, we won’t keep up. We innovate in our products every day, and we want to be just as innovative in our media and communications. Because we don’t just want to keep up, we want to lead the transformation.” For L’Oréal, future proofing is all about investing in talent and growing internal knowledge. “We want to educate our marketeers in the technology and in how to use the data in the best way possible. Then we take that knowledge and ‘L’Oréalize’ it, pushing it further.”

L’Oréal’s most recent campaign has presented a particular challenge. “We were trying to appeal to a younger target audience, a pool of new consumers who can grow old with us.” But reaching millennial women proved tricky, so L’Oréal turned to Google’s dynamic video solution for help.

“We looked into what moves the target audience and found six different areas of interest. So, for example, someone looking for a muffin recipe on YouTube would also see our video ad for sugar scrubs saying, ‘Oh! Needing a sugar rush? Sugar scrub it.’ The same for gaming: ‘Is your skin up for the next level? Sugar scrub it.’ And we were able to take the basic video and change just the first two screens to create twelve different versions.” The solution they arrived at was easy, scalable and affordable, resulting in a high view-through rate, better costs, and a good lift in product and brand consideration.

Hoogveld is inspired by the pace at which digital is moving, and figuring out how to apply it to drive business growth. “It’s mind-blowing how much you can get out of a good setup, and how far you can go just by learning from your data.”

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