Think with Innovators: Kamil Wiszowaty, Managing Director, Value Media

June 2018

‘Think with Innovators’ is an interview series that lets us sit down with leading figures in digital marketing to hear their thoughts about the big issues of the day. Here we’re in discussion with Kamil Wiszowaty, Managing Director of Value Media, about the features that now define media agency success.

Having worked in the advertising sector for 12 years, one lesson Kamil Wiszowaty has learned is that bigger doesn’t always have to mean better. “The turning point was when I decided to leave the biggest media house and work for the smallest player in the market at that time – Value Media,” he says. “Successes achieved by Value Media prove that an independent Polish media house can really compete with network entities.” It’s a sentiment the industry seems to share, with Media and Marketing Polska recently naming Value Media the media house of the year.

So if size isn’t the differentiating factor, then what is? According to Kamil, success stems from a shared outlook focused on innovation and progress. “I think that the most important thing is to create a culture in the organization that’s about striving for change, a willingness to improve everything that we do. This provides the source of inspiration, forces us to meet people and search for new solutions and new ideas,” he says. “I’m inspired by people – including those with whom I work – as very often the combinations of their various ideas give rise to innovation.”

"My attention is always attracted by people who try to go beyond the routine."

- Kamil Wiszowaty, Managing Director, Value Media

With this keen eye on originality, Kamil believes that digital video is an area offering huge potential. “Just a few years ago, video was used mainly as a supplement to television campaigns,” he observes. “Nowadays, very often YouTube gains a considerably bigger audience than TV stations, especially in the case of the youngest target groups.”

He cites the Allegro campaign “What are you looking for at Christmas?” as an example of the differences between advertising on YouTube versus television. “The aspect of video that I like most is the opportunity to tell stories that the consumer wants to engage with beyond the limit of a 30-second ad spot. The story in the digital environment is much more interesting, much more engaging and this is reflected in the statistics – consumers mainly wanted to watch the Allegro spot on YouTube and not on TV.”

For Kamil, YouTube offers a new take on broadcasting, enabling advertisers to precisely reach the audience of viewers who are likely to want to watch a particular ad. “It gives us the ability to build content that’s entirely different from the TV campaign, tailored to a specific segment of viewers in an appropriate format.”

Pushing the boundaries – on YouTube as well as across every aspect of the business – will continue to feature in Value Media’s agenda. “For me, innovation is what differentiates the leader from followers – thinking of what’s needed at that moment instead of following what’s already been invented,” Kamil explains. “The speed of adjusting to the needs of the market is extremely important, from my perspective, the battle will be won by those who are able to adapt to the market requirements as soon as possible.”

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