Understanding the YouTube Ecosystem

March 2018

There are countless approaches to making great videos. The insights in this playbook are based on observations of successful content and strategy, and designed to help you without putting fences around your creativity. Let’s get started!

YouTube: Where the World Chooses to Watch

For hundreds of millions of viewers, YouTube is always on, everywhere: More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.1 For brands that know how to capture and hold users’ attention, it’s a highly creative outlet full of opportunities to engage a global audience.

Attention and Influence Drive Impact

On YouTube, it’s possible to create a video that resonates with millions of people—a video that’s watched by choice, not seen by chance. YouTube can build your brand by connecting your message with your audience where they’re paying attention.

It’s All About the User

From millennials to moms, your most valuable audience is on YouTube, watching on every screen—and they’re paying attention. At any hour, on any device, anywhere, people expect to find videos that entertain, inform, and connect them with vibrant communities. YouTube makes it possible for you to meet the expectations of this audience in a variety of creative ways that simply aren’t possible on other platforms.


  1. YouTube is always on, all around the world, on every screen, providing a unique opportunity for brands that know how to make videos that people want to watch.
  2. YouTube can help you achieve your business goals by connecting you to huge communities of passionate fans.

About this Playbook

There’s a lot of great content out there. So, how can your video grab attention?

This playbook breaks down the collective learnings from some of the most successful videos and campaigns on YouTube, giving you the tools to make content that effectively captures the attention of your audience. You’ll find proven techniques to make your videos stand out and benefit from YouTube’s influence at key cultural moments. And you’ll learn some powerful methods to track your content’s performance.

This is a guide for brands, agencies and businesses. However, anyone who’s interested in making videos for YouTube is encouraged to explore the topics covered here.

  • BRANDS will find strategies and tools for building content plans, organising video distribution, measuring performance, and more.
  • AGENCIES will find best practices for partnering with creators, guidelines for making the most effective videos, recommendations for advertising formats, and more.
  • BUSINESSES will find an in-depth look at the elements of successful videos, tips for building an audience, ways to keep viewers coming back, and more
Effective YouTube Advertising Strategy