VisitDenmark gets 40% uplift in ad recall with YouTube

August 2015

VisitDenmark, the official tourism site for Denmark, showcases the country as an attractive destination for holidaymakers and business tourists from local and foreign markets. In a bid to generate more awareness across the target audience (Norwegians aged 25-54), the team tested campaigns on YouTube to encourage people to start dreaming of a Danish vacation. The excellent results led them to consider the possibilities of a larger ad campaign using video.


Raise awareness of Denmark as a tourism destination

Position Denmark as top-of-mind travel choice for Norwegian families


Launched TrueView video campaign on YouTube

Used Google Display Network to conduct remarketing activity


Successfully reached people in Norway ages 25-54

40% ad recall uplift in target audience

TrueView remarketing ads delivered 40% higher conversion rate compared to traditional display campaigns, as well as lower bounce rate and more time on site

View-through rate outperformed industry benchmark

Cost per view fell below industry benchmark, exceeding expectations and representing excellent ROI

With a firm goal to raise awareness of Denmark as a must-visit destination amongst Norwegian families, VisitDenmark initiated a targeted YouTube campaign using TrueView together with remarketing advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN).

"The possibility to measure the results with a brand lift survey was excellent and gave us the opportunity to show our partners more relevant results."

The TrueView format allows users to skip the ad after five seconds if it doesn't appeal to them, so VisitDenmark only paid when a viewer watched the entire advert. The remarketing campaign meanwhile communicated with people who had previously chosen to watch the TrueView ad.

When it came to analysing the results of the campaign, Visit Denmark took advantage of the innovative measurement tools available in order to gain a better overview of performance. "The possibility to measure results with a brand lift survey was excellent and gave us the opportunity to show our partners more relevant results," explains Agnete Sylvest Jensen, Head of Digital Media at VisitDenmark.

A cost-efficient campaign

As well as successfully reaching the target audience, the campaign had a view-through rate of 24% compared to the industry benchmark of 15%-23%. The audience that viewed the ad was 37% more likely to recall it later, while the target audience of 25-54 year olds was 40% more likely to recall it later.

The ad recall uplift for those who skipped the ad was 53% compared to 101% among those who watched all of it - which demonstrates the opportunity for cost-free branding that TrueView offers.

Example advert: Nordjylland – Fantastiske opplevelser for hele familien

The strategy of addressing marketing messages to those who showed they were interested in engaging with VisitDenmark's content played a significant role in the campaign's success. "Not only did the video campaign have great results, it was also great for building up an audience list to drive high engagement," Agnete highlights.

Future implementation

The remarketing activity delivered a 40% higher conversion rate than VisitDenmark's traditional campaigns on the Google Display Network, as well as a lower bounce rate and more time on site.

Based on these outcomes, audiences can expect great video advertising from VistiDenmark going forward. "The YouTube campaign was very cost-efficient and the results were better than our benchmark," Agnete affirms. "This case gives us a good reason to always consider TrueView as part of the marketing mix that will help us create awareness, emotional messaging and branding we can benefit from."


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