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Breyers Delights x Pernilla Böckerman

Brand Breyers Delights Media Agency GroupM

No matter what - Stay focusED

Brand ED Media Agency Dagmar

Taffel Choco Sipsit syöksyivät suklaaseen

Brand Taffel Chips Creative Agency LM& Media Agency Dagmar

Push For Change - Finnairin päästövähennys- ja biopolttoainepalvelu

Brand Finnair Creative Agency Mirum Media Agency Dagmar

Valio Play® lapsille tarkoitetut välipalat

Brand Valio Media Agency Dagmar

YouTube Ads Leaderboard: How are the winners ranked?

The YouTube Ads Leaderboards for Nordics and Benelux showcases the most engaging ads that people choose to watch each quarter in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Ads are determined by an algorithm that factors in watch time, organic views, and audience retention. You can find all leaderboards here. 

We've created this video to explain more around the boards (hosted on YouTube, of course!).