Minna Parikka Shoes

April 2018

Success Story - Minna Parikka Shoes

Minna Parikka is a Helsinki-based footwear brand whose sneakers and shoes are sold in 25 countries. The brand’s iconic bunny-eared footwear has been seen on the likes of Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, and British fashion blogger, Susie Bubble. Outside of Finland, their biggest market is the UK, where the company launched its first-ever children’s line in the spring of 2016.

When the time came to convert all of their industry buzz into sales, Minna Parikka turned to Google to help them craft a playful, premium online experience that would work well alongside the high-end global retailers they wanted to sell through. Google helped Minna Parikka deploy Adwords Search and Display Network campaigns to capitalise on the existing online buzz. The campaigns were then optimised through Google Analytics, which provided a clear picture of how the ads were performing.

In only the first three months of working with Google, the results were incredibly positive. Online transactions increased by 88%, revenue shot up by 133% and the return on advertising spending (ROAS) was 212%. In the months that followed, Minna Parikka worked with Adwords to allocate budget to remarketing lists for Search Network ads, and their cost-per-click fell from 0.45€ to 0.16€.

With an enhanced online presence, Minna Parikka has now stepped beyond its domestic origins and onto the international stage, with many premier retailers in the UK stocking the brand. Having already seen such impressive results, the plan is to continue investing in Adwords Search and Display Network in order to raise recognition even further.

“Google’s expertise and knowhow makes them an amazing ally for any company wanting a strong online presence," says Heidi Cheng, Head of Sales and Marketing at Minna Parikka, summing up the partnership. "They helped us harness that buzz, that window of opportunity.”

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