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Over the past few months, the region celebrated Ramadan, Eid and the Saudi National Day. Advertisers echoed their sentiment by relying on musical numbers to entertain their audience (Vodafone) and congratulate them with the occurrence of these festivities (Zain, Shawermer Tube). Advertisers also shared branded content in the form of social experiments and short films. Social experiment format was used to encourage expressivity and appreciation toward loved ones (LUX Arabia), combat prejudice and labels (Coca Cola), and do more good (Mobily).

Tell her you Love her with just a little Lux قلها_احبك بلمسة من لوكس

LUX Arabia


Remove labels this Ramadan | شوف الناس بقلبك في رمضان

Coca-Cola Middle East

Creative Agency

Media Agency


Zain Eid



خيراً تعمل، خيراً تلقى، عيدكم سعيد



تختلف اللغات.. و يتفق الحب #وطننا_وطنهم

Shawarmer Tube


IN من غيرك مش هتكمل

IN by Vodafone

Creative Agency

Media Agency


مسرحية زين الأوطان



نايف هزازي وفيصل درويش في بطولة موبايلي فلّه



تنويه هام من كوكاكولا - رمضان ٢٠١٥

Coca-Cola Egypt

Creative Agency

Media Agency


Downy Freshness all day long

Downy Arabia

Creative Agency

Media Agency

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