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Topping the leaderboard this quarter was the latest in a series of humorous ventures into Saudi culture from STC. The rest of the YouTube ad scene was dominated by beverages aiming to engage with their target audience through consumer participation campaigns (Mirinda Egypt, Pepsi Arabia) or celebrity inclusion (Coke Studio). Tropicana went a different route with an activation that tapped into the emotions of local consumers with messages that celebrated connecting moments.

Swailem The Bullet S02E02

STC promote the effectiveness of their internet speed with a humorous look into the career of 'Swailem The Bullet', the fastest government affairs officer in Saudi Arabia.


STC الاتصالات السعودية

Mirinda Peach vs Mirinda Berry

Peach or berries? 'Battle of the Flavours' from Mirinda Egypt pits the two tastes against each other through online user voting.


Mirinda Egypt

The Pepsi Music Challenge featuring Hassan El Shafei

The 'Pepsi Music Challenge' featuring Hassan El Shafei encourages users to submit their sounds through their app with an interactive 360-degree video.


Pepsi Arabia

Moments bring us together with Tropicana Frutz

Tropicana Frutz reminds us of the important moments in life through messages attached to bubbles in this heartfelt video.


Tropicana Frutz

Coca Cola: We want to hear your refreshment

Balqees, Ramy Sabry and Tarek from UAT come together to offer refreshment through music in the latest 'Coke Studio' offering.


Coca-Cola Middle East

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