To gain ground in the Turkish automotive sector, Toyota uses the Google Display Network to generate leads for test drives. As an international distributor responsible for the marketing, sales and after-sales services of Toyota vehicles, the company wanted to decrease the cost per acquisition, so they set out to maximise leads using Smart display campaigns on the Google Display Network.

Aiming to encourage users to book a test drive of Toyota vehicles and increase traffic to dealerships, Toyota implemented Smart display campaigns to complement existing always-on remarketing and in-market campaigns on the Google Display Network.

It was very important for us to get our ads in front of the right people and improve conversion performance. Thanks to the automatic nature of Smart display campaigns, we produced a 33% lower cost per acquisition versus other Google Display Network campaigns during this period.

Erhan Yılmaz, Account Manager, Digitouch

Needing only a target bid, campaign budget and creative assets, smart display campaigns offered the Toyota team a simple, intelligent solution to manage the complex variables of display advertising. Using Target CPA as a basis, Smart campaigns automatically optimised bids according to the likelihood of conversion in every ad auction. Meanwhile, automated targeting optimised as the campaign ran, which meant Toyota’s ads increasingly appeared where they’d get the most conversions. Finally, ad creatives were automatically generated from the calls to action, model descriptions and image assets supplied in advance by the Toyota team.

Using automated bidding strategies on the Google Display Network to provide both awareness and performance from Toyota’s online campaigns worked well for us – we got perfect results.

Barış Erdim, Marketing Group Manager, Toyota Turkey

As a result, 40% of all display conversions came from Smart display campaigns during the period that they ran, achieving a 33% lower cost per acquisition than other Google Display Network campaigns running at the same time. Thanks to these successes, Smart display campaigns are now used as an always-on lead generation tool for Toyota.