The group operates a number of key brands including, Bravofly, Rumbo, Volagratis and Jetcost. All these have a strong local presence; Volagratis in Italy and Rumbo in Spain are some of the most readily recognised brands in the online travel industry, while is a name recognised by more than 90% of European consumers. group wanted to increase sales volumes and improve the efficiency of its search engine marketing activities. The team decided to combine remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) with Google’s Similar Audiences feature to increase their share of valuable traffic.

RLSA enabled the team to customise search ads and bids for people who had previously visited the group’s sites. Meanwhile, Similar Audiences expanded group’s reach to valuable new potential customers, automatically finding people who had shared interests with those on the existing remarketing lists.

During the course of the campaign, RLSA with Similar Audiences contributed 22% of all traffic and delivered 36% of all conversions. The approach helped group reduce the cost per acquisition on that audience traffic by 40%, alongside a 245% increase in click-through rate and 99.7% increase in conversion rate. Similar Audiences drove 21% of total conversions. Overall the cost per acquisition improved by 14.5%, the click-through rate grew by 19% and the conversion rate increased by 22%. Based on these outcomes, the strategy has been scaled across more than 100 accounts that reach 7 million monthly visitors on average.