In an effort to simultaneously drive brand awareness and educate consumers, luxury cosmetics brand Lancôme utilized YouTube in it’s creation of a three-part campaign for the release of its newest luxury mascara, Grandiôse.

Featuring an innovative bent brush, Lancôme’s innovation presented a need to educate as well as inspire consumers.

Lancôme’s strategy manifested in a three-part video series; the brand released a portfolio of videos, each with a different objective. While the initial video was designed stimulate customer awareness, other elements of the video campaign aimed to educate consumers on the origins of the new product feature, or provide a tutorial for the consumer.

With this customizable content, Lancôme could re-target to the customer at different points in the purchasing process, provided that the customer’s interest warranted follow-up contact. The first “awareness” video served as a starting point for all consumers, and later videos explaining use and the origins of the product innovation came only when the customer sufficiently engaged with the awareness video. This “if, then” strategy meant engagement with the awareness ads at the upper funnel operated as a prerequisite to more specific, targeting of tutorials.

Find out more about the campaign in the video below: