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Jun 2016

The average car shopper in Egypt visits 2.4 dealerships before making a purchase. So how can you get more people in the door using digital? It’s about getting through to consumers in the right way at the right time. In Egypt today, 46% of consumers use digital while shopping, so brands who engage with them online are reaping the rewards. Find out how with this video series on making sure your media allocation is in line with your target audience.

Video 1: Why Go Digital?

Consumers are shopping for cars online and going into showrooms already knowing what they want. Find out why it’s more important than ever to optimize media spend for digital audiences.

Video 2: Tracking the Consumer Journey

After Google search, video is now the #2 most impactful touchpoint for driving a car purchase decision. Do you have a strong search and YouTube presence?

Video 3: Why Video?

High YouTube views are driving specific car purchase actions in Egypt. As a result of video views, targeted customers visit dealer websites, book test drives and make inquiries more often.

Video 4: Geotargeting: Getting Through

Reach potential customers across specific locations in Egypt, so your ad appears to the right target audience with the right message.

Video 5: How Are Google Ads Ranked?

Find out how ads appear to a target audience in Egypt and how cost effective this method can be.

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