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Nov 2016

Want to know more about what everyone is calling “the future of digital advertising?” At a glance, programmatic may seem full of acronyms and complex concepts, but its foundation is simple. This collection written by Google insiders takes a deep dive into several aspects of programmatic, from search to display buying, to give you the inside track.
Introduction to Programmatic Display Buying For many industry players, talking about programmatic means talking about programmatic display buying. In our last article, we explained that programmatic simply applies to any technology that automates a programme (or software). Now, let’s delve into display buying. What is it, exactly?
Article Aug 2016
Programmatic Advertising: Fact vs Myth We live in a remarkable time for digital marketing. Not too long ago, if you wanted to serve a display ad you had to call a website (aka publisher), negotiate terms for your ad placements and sign an insertion order (IO). You also had to hope that your target audience would be visiting the publisher site during your campaign and that they would be interested in the creative and product / service you were advertising. Today, the process of buying and selling digital advertising inventory has changed.
Article Oct 2016

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