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Jun 2015

As new digital publishers emerge and existing ones shift from traditional models to multi-channel propositions, digital opportunities present complex challenges to publishers. To help drive competitive advantage in today’s dynamic landscape, in this collection we share case studies, insights, research and resources to help publishers use powerful, new technology to create their own success.

Insights & Research

Stories, perspectives and insights about technology, industry dynamics, and the changing digital landscape that help publishers build winning strategies in this fast-paced environment.

Publisher Success Stories

Both emerging and established publishers are embracing the new opportunities of digital. Many are finding success in developing new product offerings, expand their markets and maximise revenues.

Using Private Marketplaces in Ad Exchange, Conde Nast Revenue Leaps 800% As Conde Nast expands from traditional print to a multi-platform model, DoubleClick Ad Exchange helps drive revenue from premium digital inventory
Case Study Jun 2015
eBay perspective on the role of advertising in retail environment Advertising on eBay has a power of becoming truly accretive to the user experience by helping their shoppers to buy right products instead of just selling things to them
Case Study Jun 2015
The Telegraph Embraces DoubleClick Programmatic Solutions to Increase Revenue 126% The Telegraph uses DoubleClick for Publishers and enhanced dynamic allocation in Ad Exchange to boost year-on-year revenue by 126%
Case Study Jun 2015

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