The Story

London’s Gatwick Airport is not known for its variety of exotic destinations. To change this perception, we brought Gatwick Airport to London's Victoria Train Station. Visitors were given the opportunity to win two pairs of flight tickets to impressive destinations every 15 minutes by landing a Boeing 777 with an arcade-style flight simulator. A total of 632 tickets were given away to seven exotic locations.

A flight-simulator game that lets commuters fly for free.

The British Airways ticket giveaway was entirely inspired by technology. It was a fully integrated campaign encompassing gaming, digital advertising, print, film, social media and experiential marketing. All technologies worked seamlessly together from the airport style iPad check-in desk and personalized flight cards for each user, to the game play itself, as well as the game leaderboard within the airport giving regular updates to players. A parallel competition also ran on Facebook.

The Results

The BA ticket giveaway was more successful than anyone hoped, with 11,442 people playing over the course of the week, averaging around 1,500 people a day. During peak times, people waited more than an hour to play. We reached over four million people across social media, with more than 47,000 people taking part in Facebook competition.