The Story

To help brands combine their social media and e-commerce efforts, we developed an exclusive shopping app for Google+ Hangouts On Air. Here retailers can speak about their products while customers simultaneously browse a curated selection of those goods, available for purchase through the Hangout. The concept blends social video with shopping tools to help deepen engagement between retailers and consumers.

Hangout with your favorite designers and shop their latest collections – at the same time.

Americans spent 121 billion minutes on social media sites and bought more than $200 billion of goods online in 2012. We set out to use Google's digital technologies in the social and commerce spaces to create a unique experience that combines these two major online behaviors. Through a newly developed feature for Google+ Hangouts on Air that allows apps to be built alongside the Hangout UI, we were able to adapt Google Shopping Shortlists to work as an app for viewers of a Hangout to watch and shop at the same time.

The Results

Shoppable Hangouts was a successful collaboration between Google, the CFDA and a group of designers, including Diane von Furstenberg, Rebecca Minkoff, Marcus Wainwright, David Neville and Rachel Zoe. Collectively, the "Shop the Hangout" pilot program has 150 million+ social media impressions, 65 million+ press impressions and helped increase sales and traffic on partner designers' e-commerce sites. Over 100 other retailers and brands are now requesting to use the product.